Selected Publications


“Solstice,” Paper Darts, Volume 8, Spring 2019

“To Go Without Saying,” Ninth Letter, Volume 16 No.1, Spring/Summer 2019

Safety Demonstration,” West Branch Wired 89, March 2019

"Tessa Comes to Be Alone," Territory, October 2018

"A Habitable Pose," AGNI, Spring 2018

"Pigeon Forge," The Offing, November 2017

  • The Offing, Q&A

"Lucky Frank," Joyland, April 2017

"Rehearsal," Gulf Coast Online, Summer/Fall 2016

  • 2016 Gulf Coast Prize, Honorable Mention

"Once More, With Feeling," Cosmonauts Avenue, December 2016

"The Fitting," Hyphen Magazine, August 2016

"Villa Palms," Narrative, February 2016

"The Spa," Phoebe, Fall 2015

"Bone Meal," Adroit Journal, Winter 2016

"People Mountain, People Sea," Necessary Fiction, July 2015

  • January 2015 Glimmer Train Very Short Fiction Award, Honorable Mention

"Wendy Beside Herself," PANK Online, March/April 2015

"The Director," Ninth Letter Online, Winter 2015

"If You're Reading This," Devil's Lake, Fall 2014

"Atlas at the Starlite Inn," Front Porch Journal, December 2014

"Love Battles," Bound Off, April 2014

"Carry On," Riddle Fence, 2012

“The Pacific,” Literary Laundry, 2011

“Hitcher,” The Monarch Review, September 2011



“On Being Brave,“ Berkeley Poetry Review, 2010

“What Is,” Falling Hard, ed. Betsy Franco, Candlewick Press 2008



Fox Drum Bebop by Gene Oishi,” The Hopkins Review, Summer 2015

Godzilla Says Hi, zine2004-2008